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The company is a national Spanish news provider offering information on local, national, political, economic, health and lifestyle in print and digital reaching more than 5 million Latinos in USA.

Engagement Projects

Award winning Hispanic newspaper based in Washington DC.

Largest Hispanic newspaper in the New England region.

Cobranded production and distribution of Spanish video content.

Engagement Solutions

Ad-hoc multicultural activations using behavioral design and data-driven content.

One project:

We explain the most important political issues of the day, with a focus on the topics of greatest interest to Hispanics in the US. This is your access to exclusive and up-to-the-minute information from Washington DC.

Weekly e-Newsletter with COVID-19 related content. Curated by Harvard Medical School Hispanic experts.

From Washington DC, receive every morning a summary of the top 7 most important news you need to know to start your day informed.

Special Supplements 

Print and digital newspapers targeting specific events or educational campaigns nationwide.

Content Partners


Our certifications stand as a stamp of commitment to being the most professional a Minority owned media company providing credible and relevant information.




Javier Marin


Ana Julia Jatar-Hausmann
Marty Baron

Executive VPs:

Zulema Tijero
Rafael Ulloa
Marcos Marin

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